Transplanting for Growth

In gardening, it is common for saplings to be initially planted in controlled, ideal conditions and once they outgrow their initial station, they are transplanted into open locations which offer unlimited potential for growth. The process comes with its own set of risks, and not every plant or tree will survive this abrupt change; those that do, flourish. The choice […]


Victims of Political Correctness

What are the similarities between British biochemist Sir Tim Hunt and American biologist James Watson? Both have made great contributions to their respective fields and both are victims of political correctness – both paid a heavy price for holding and expressing views in areas that are considered sacrosanct by society and in which a different […]


How Noble is your Patriotism?

Today, the 26th of January, is celebrated as the Republic Day in India. My social network streams are flooded with posts that involve patriotism and love for the nation, TV channels broadcast the parade live from Rajpath followed by movies and programmes based on the same theme, children on the road have a tiny national […]