Hitler helped end colonialism

How Hitler Helped End Colonialism

European colonies which gained their freedom post World War II owe their freedom, in a great part, to Hitler and the Nazis. Whether or not he really meant to do so, there are at least two ways in which Hitler helped end colonialism. The first of these is more straightforward, less controversial, seldom disputed, and widely […]


Thoughts on Faridabad Immolation Tragedy

Social and conventional media are ablaze with the Faridabad immolation tragedy. If innocent people, especially children, lose their life, it is natural for people to feel sad and pained. It goes without saying that the case should be investigated impartially and if there is foul play, perpetrators should be brought to justice. In India, however, […]

history, hinduism and beef eating - historically, Hindus have revered cow as gau - mata, as mother

History, Hinduism and Beef Eating

The debate on Hinduism and beef eating is not only old, but also one that has made a mark on Indian history time and again. This was, for example, one of the primary triggers for the First War of Independence in 1857 in which use (or rumour of use) of cartridges greased with cow and pig fat […]

Variety of eatables - an edible analogy of net neutrality debate

The Net Neutrality Debate and an Edible Analogy

The net neutrality debate is now raging in India. In spite of the obvious simplification, this edible analogy should throw light on what each side in this debate stands for (at least from my perspective).  In a vast, wide, world, there were many countries. They were at different levels of prosperity, cultivated different crops, wore different clothes, spoke different languages, but […]

Wrestling, a modern combat sport, is also one of the oldest forms of sport

Should Full-contact Combat Sports be Banned?

Last week, when I read about Australian Medical Association’s stand on combat sports and their call for boxing to be banned from Olympics and Commonwealth games, I was not surprised. Given that entering a boxing ring poses greater risk (in terms of probability) of a head injury than riding a two-wheeler without helmet for a comparable […]


Transplanting for Growth

In gardening, it is common for saplings to be initially planted in controlled, ideal conditions and once they outgrow their initial station, they are transplanted into open locations which offer unlimited potential for growth. The process comes with its own set of risks, and not every plant or tree will survive this abrupt change; those that do, flourish. The choice […]


Victims of Political Correctness

What are the similarities between British biochemist Sir Tim Hunt and American biologist James Watson? Both have made great contributions to their respective fields and both are victims of political correctness – both paid a heavy price for holding and expressing views in areas that are considered sacrosanct by society and in which a different […]