Significance of national symbols are less than the importance of life, liberty and dignity of individual citizens

Relevance and Significance of National Symbols

The recent controversy around someone refusing to shout “Bharat Mata ki Jai” reminded me of an incident sometime back, when a family was reportedly harassed in a theater because they did not stand up for the national anthem. It is bad enough to have a legal requirement to play the national anthem at every screening, and it is absolutely outrageous for […]

Is Tamil older than Malayalam? Genealogy of the primary Dravidian languages spoken in South India answers the question of which is the oldest South Indian Language

Is Tamil older than Malayalam?

Which is the oldest South Indian language? Is Tamil older than Malayalam? These are some questions that often come up during discussion of Dravidian languages and their history. It is a matter of pride among many Tamilians that their language is the oldest, and Tamil was also the first Indian language to be declared a […]