extrajudicial killing

A Word to Supporters of Extrajudicial Killing

The news of the four accused in the sensational Hyderabad rape case being shot dead by police in an alleged encounter is worrying. But what is more alarming is the fact that many educated and otherwise sane persons support this extrajudicial killing as a case of justice served. If one were to say “I kill […]

Triple Talaq Law

The passing of Triple Talaq law marks a dark day in Indian democracy. The eagerness with which we celebrate this historic murder of liberty and secularism is reminiscent of the scene from Star Wars where Padme remarks, “So this is how liberty (democracy?) dies, with thunderous applause”. I must make it very clear at the […]

demonetization of higher denomination currency

Demonetization – The Need for Qualified Political Support

At a time when media and political discussions are hijacked by views that arise from blind following or unjustified hatred, we cannot overstate the importance of conjunctions in political discourse, and the need for qualified political support. Every issue that comes up divides people into opposing camps that are unwilling to hear what the other […]