Clones vs Real Friends

Loneliness is arguably the overarching theme of Naruto. At a high level, the anime follows the story of a boy who is shunned by most in his village because they are afraid of a demon fox is sealed within him. Naruto is a Ninja and, like many others in his village, is able to use […]

The Power of Dailies

Of the many ways in which I have been wasting time over the years, a recent one is a game called Guild Wars 2 (GW2). This game employs some very interesting devices to engage players and make them come back to it. Of these, the most important in my opinion is a type of achievement […]

humans of the future

Humans of the Future

This is an age where you hear many talking about the Earth getting destroyed, about humans having to migrate to another planet. There are those who believe it possible and those who think otherwise. The answer to which of these is true can be known for sure only by humans of the future. How will […]

Fallacy of Helping Others

People want to make themselves “useful”, and some are even addicted to finding purpose in helping others (as we have seen in an earlier post). The question that is generally overlooked, however, is to what extent it is possible for anyone to help another!  I believe that there is little one can do, and here we […]