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The Wisest Way to Invest

Ever since the beginning of civilization, humans have been trying to devise ways in which they can store the results of their hard work for the future. For a hunter-gatherer, since he dealt with perishables such as fruits or meat, the options were limited. His best bet was to share what he got with others […]

Perpetration of Blame

We live in an age when people become popular by highlighting the failings of others rather than through their own achievements. We have heads of elected governments who care less about governance and more about blaming other leaders of corruption and other crimes. An ordinary person who takes a casual look at the newspaper is […]

Don’t Make Best an Enemy of the Better

Anybody who has ever taken a challenging new year resolution will likely be aware of the psychological ploys employed by the mental weakness that we’re resolved to overcome. One of the most cunning schemes among these is to use our own sense of good against ourselves – by pitting the best against the better. Let’s […]

Should We be Proud of Our Culture?

The first year in college was the first time in life when we were allowed to use a calculator in class and even during exams. Each of us were happy with our own calculator, but also wanted to test its power against those owned by others. Most of these devices were capable of evaluating finite […]


Katapayadi is an ancient Indian system, perhaps more heavily used in Kerala, that denotes numbers using letters of the alphabet to form words that can be easily remembered. The table below explains the mapping between digits and letters. In addition to the letters mentioned in this chart, all stand-alone vowels are treated as zero and […]

Scorched Earth Tactics by Kerala Government

Continuing my support for the Government of Kerala in their fight against the illegal, unjustified and counter-productive blockade imposed on the Secretariat by the leftist opposition in Kerala, I am pleasantly surprised to note how well the Government has handled the protest so far.  Intimidation – Calling in para-military forces and deploying them in key […]