Corporate Bahubali - Bahu was good at hands-on technical stuff and also mentored junior members

Corporate Bahubali – The Conclusion

<<< Previous part Note: This is the continuation and conclusion of a story given in two parts. It is recommended that you read the first part and continue, if you already haven’t The name of this architect was Devasena, and Balla requested Sivagami to have her allocated to his team for a project that was not […]

Corporate Bahubali - Bali doing the technical heavylifting required for automation

Corporate Bahubali – The Beginning

Please take your time to read, for as they say, the devil is in the details… The camera descends from the blue cloudless sky to a modern building whose glass walls reflect the blueness of the skies, indicating the infinite possibilities within. This marvel of engineering is home to Mahishmati Infotech (MI), a leading IT […]

Not unrelated to the philosophy of Naruto, but even more than that this image should keep you from inadvertently viewing the spoiler below

Philosophy of Naruto Juxtaposed with Vedanta

Naruto is one of most popular Shonen anime, and for good reason. It has nail-biting thrills, amazing fights, heart-wrenching side-stories, and more, skillfully woven into an epic series. The overall theme of Naruto is loneliness, importance of friends and the longing for others to acknowledge and recognize you. Towards the end of the story, through […]

Rock-Paper-Scissors of Real-time Strategy Games

Life isn’t so simple that there’s an optimal strategy that will work in all situations. What works best depends on many variables factors determined by the environment, other people, and pure chance. In a competitive environment, this becomes very similar to a game of rock-paper-scissors in at least two respects. Firstly, the effectiveness of your […]

Fear, Patriotism and the Fate of a Terror Suspect's Body

Fear, Patriotism, and the Fate of a Terror Suspect’s Body

Father of the terror suspect who was killed yesterday refused to accept his son’s body. Today, he has expressed apprehension that he may lose his job, being a terror suspect’s father. This makes us feel that his rejection of his son’s body would have been a decision coming from his feeling of insecurity and painfully made in […]

Look of lust and look of disgust

Object of Lust or Object of Disgust

My heart fills with uneasiness each time I hear the news of a rape or molestation. Naturally, for lesser mortals like me, fears are centred around myself rather than others. Thus, what frightens me is a growing distrust, fear and disgust towards men – the view that every man is a potential rapist. I understand […]

Course Correction that can Save Tamil Politics

While they are at protest sites across Tamil Nadu, doing particularly nothing, the youth of Tamil Nadu should probably introspect as to why they are not able to exert on Centre, an influence that is proportional to their numbers and zeal. Only through such an analysis can they identify what they lack, and perhaps effect […]

faith and interpretation of evidence

Faith and Interpretation of Evidence

The image below was shared on Facebook by a friend of mine who is an atheist. Clearly, the purpose of the post was to shake the faith of those who believe in the historicity of Noah’s ark. However, I don’t think it would be easy, because those who do believe in Noah’s ark will likely interpret the evidence […]