beauty of arranged marriage - the beauty of Indian wedding goes beyond the colours and grandeur

The Beauty of Arranged Marriage

I have seen several articles on the web that advise people to marry (or date) women (or men) who read, travel, code, cook, or fit other criteria depending on the writer’s own expectation. It is clear that while many of these qualities can be very desirable, none of these, alone, can account for a happy and […]

Fear, Patriotism and the Fate of a Terror Suspect's Body

Fear, Patriotism, and the Fate of a Terror Suspect’s Body

Father of the terror suspect who was killed yesterday refused to accept his son’s body. Today, he has expressed apprehension that he may lose his job, being a terror suspect’s father. This makes us feel that his rejection of his son’s body would have been a decision coming from his feeling of insecurity and painfully made in […]

Look of lust and look of disgust

Object of Lust or Object of Disgust

My heart fills with uneasiness each time I hear the news of a rape or molestation. Naturally, for lesser mortals like me, fears are centred around myself rather than others. Thus, what frightens me is a growing distrust, fear and disgust towards men – the view that every man is a potential rapist. I understand […]

Comment made by Dileep on his marriage with Kavya Madhavan shows that the paradigm of helpless princesses and reformable savages is still relevant

Of Helpless Princesses and Reformable Savages

Got this message forwarded in a WhatsApp group (reproduced as is, without any attempt to edit typos or grammatical errors) : “And then the princess found herself locked in a tower surrounded by a stinky moat with crocodiles and a huge scary dragon guarding the door,” read the mother, with her eyes wide and voice […]