Course Correction that can Save Tamil Politics

While they are at protest sites across Tamil Nadu, doing particularly nothing, the youth of Tamil Nadu should probably introspect as to why they are not able to exert on Centre, an influence that is proportional to their numbers and zeal. Only through such an analysis can they identify what they lack, and perhaps effect […]

demonetization of higher denomination currency

Demonetization – The Need for Qualified Political Support

At a time when media and political discussions are hijacked by views that arise from blind following or unjustified hatred, we cannot overstate the importance of conjunctions in political discourse, and the need for qualified political support. Every issue that comes up divides people into opposing camps that are unwilling to hear what the other […]

Religion, Personal Laws and Common Civil Code

The constitution defines India to be a secular nation, and recognizes equality before law as one of the fundamental rights of all citizens. However, when it comes to a category of laws called personal laws, how you are treated by law will depend on which religion you are born into. The roots of this practice can be […]