When to Quit Martial Arts?

I have heard (and read) many give advice on when to start practicing martial arts. Most of the time, the recommendation will be either now, or earlier than that! But I have not come across anyone throwing light on when to quit martial arts.  I think this is an equally important question to consider, and not […]

Kanji for Shinobi means "to endure" - endurance is indeed the defining spirit of a martial artist

Titiksha – The Defining Spirit of a Martial Artist

The injury that I got while sparring in the class turned out to be a calf bone fracture, and my leg has been in a plaster cast for over a week. This has made difficult many of the things that I had taken for granted – walking, driving, bathing, even turning over in the bed. Martial arts training has been completely […]

Wrestling, a modern combat sport, is also one of the oldest forms of sport

Should Full-contact Combat Sports be Banned?

Last week, when I read about Australian Medical Association’s stand on combat sports and their call for boxing to be banned from Olympics and Commonwealth games, I was not surprised. Given that entering a boxing ring poses greater risk (in terms of probability) of a head injury than riding a two-wheeler without helmet for a comparable […]

What it takes to be a Martial Artist

What does it take to be a martial artist? Perhaps there are many factors that work together to make one. To identify these, and their relative importance, we can begin by looking at what keeps many from being the martial artists that they want to be. I have met people who claim to be interested […]